Slide And Swing Doors

“Amazing Features!” -It’s What Makes Us Different

The new slide and swing doors (also known as bi-folding doors or bi-fold patio doors) are loaded with unique features that make the installation and use of the door system easier than ever. Below you will learn about many of the most popular features of these bi-folding doors and how they can save you time and money while giving you a state-of-the-art bi-fold doors that has been recognised by industry leading publications as the “Most Innovative”.

These new slide and swing doors have become very popular in Essex and are a wonderful addition to any home.


Block Frame

The Signature Series Door frame is a four-part block frame. Because all the weight of the door is on the bottom track, this system is easier to install than other doors of this type.


Aluminum Re-Enforced
Vinyl Core

The Panoramic ThermaClad door combines the thermal benefits of vinyl with the beauty of painted aluminum.


Fastened Corners

Mechanically fastened corners insure a strong door that is able to withstand years of operation. The vinyl core is mechanically fastened via the aluminum inserts. After the core has been assembled we add aluminum cladding so you can have your door in any color you desire.

Broaden Your

Slide and swing door panels operate independently, effectively providing a bi-folding doors that can be used in virtually any width of application.

PVC, Aluminium, Wood or
Ali/Timber Combined

Choose from a variety of surface materials. Options include: PVC (Sculptured or Bevelled), aluminium and real wood cladding (ThermaClad).

Slide Secure

Using tongue and groove stiles, we are able to produce secure connections between panels when the door is closed without the need for panel-to-panel hinges.


Our independently moving panels mean you have more control of the opening. Depending on the weather and the time of day, you can open or close as many panels as desired. Individual panels also means an easier door to open because weight is no longer an issue no matter how many panels make up the system.

Panels Slide on
Bottom Track

With our bottom track supported doors you don’t need to worry about expensive and complicated specially designed lintels to support the extra weight of your new door. All the weight of the sliding mechanism rests on the bottom track where it is best supported.

System Cross

Aluminium top and bottom tracks provide excellent stability for both slide and swing doors and bi-fold door systems. The ThermaClad Series provides weather resistant bottom track with upstand which provides an excellent low threshold solution.