Secondary glazing for Listed Building windows

ECO Secondary Glazing have been fabricating double glazing for listed buildings and sash secondary glazing for many years. Our experience dates back to 1978.

Our unique low-profile second glazing system has been designed to blend in with period windows and listed building windows.

ECO Secondary Glazing has worked solely with secondary glazing for soundproof windows (acoustic glass) and thermal insulation in many listed buildings. We also manufacture draught proofing windows and sash secondary glazing.

Secondary glazing fitting and Guarantee

Installation lead time

4 – 5 weeks – Please note that this lead time is indicative only and can be changed at any time by ECO Secondary Glazing. ECO Secondary Glazing will keep you informed of any changes to the lead time as soon as possible.


12 year guarantee for workmanship and materials supplied and fitted.

For Trade customers detailed technical specifications of our products are available on request from our specialist secondary glazing manager.


  • Colours
  • Styles
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Grey
  • Cream
  • White
  • Gold Oak
  • Cedarwood
  • Dark Red
  • Mint
  • Red
  • Black Handles
  • Gold Handles
  • Silver Handles
  • Chrome Handles
  • White Handles
  • Leaded Style
  • Georgian Style
  • Astragal Style


Quality & Guarantee

Eco secondary glazing offer the highest in quality secondary glazing units, as we manufacture we have a high quality control system to ensure all products that leave our factory are of the highest of standard. We also give a 10 year guarantee on all secondary glazing units purchased from Eco Secondary Glazing.

Energy Saving

Eco Secondary glazing offer a high quality secondary glazing system which can reduce the heat loss from single glazed windows.  The variety of energy efficient glass that we use and offer can make a significant difference to a property.

Installation Lead Time

At Eco secondary glazing we like to offer a quick quoting time and lead time in supplying secondary glazing, we aim to quote within 48 hours and supply and delivery time we aim to supply within 1 week of order depending on volume of order and glass spec we can guarantee a no longer lead time then 2 weeks maximum.

Sound & Noise Insulation

If you find you have a property that suffers from noise at Eco secondary Glazing we offer secondary glazing that is glazed with acoustic glass this can make a huge difference to noise reduction. It can be extremely beneficial to those living near airports, busy main roads, high traffic areas or any other high noise environments.


Eco secondary Glazing offer high security options when choosing secondary glazing, we have additional locking systems which can be added, laminated safety glass or partial opening hardware.  All of these methods help to assist low security original metal windows, leaded lights or properties on ground floor for example.

Other Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing can bring many other benefits to your property that you may not have considered.  If you have particularly light sensitive furniture, soft furnishings, flooring, or accessories that may be damaged by light or sun, installing secondary glazing with light protective glass can protect such items.  Also installing Secondary glazing to older windows will reduce the noise from old metal cottage windows, prevent dust entering from older windows and much more.

Eco secondary Glazing offers secondary glazing as it is by far as the largest advantage in cost.  Secondary glazing is available in casement, fixed, sliding, lift out, heritage and many other forms that is simply a fraction of the price of normal replacement windows.

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