Conservatory roof conversions

Our conservatory roof conversion give you the ability to upgrade and improve those tired old glass conservatory roofs, that consistently give you heat problems in both the summer and winter months.

There are lots of reasons to consider replacing your existing conservatory roof and whatever reason for your conservatory roof replacement, be it a more efficient heated conservatory or a more modern conservatory then ECO Secondary Glazing is a revolutionary step forward.

Our new tiled conservatory roof

As window specialist, we have many clients asking about ways to improve the heating of their conservatories windows. With these heating conservatory problems, many conservatory spaces are simply not used within the winter months and become ‘no go areas’. By converting to the more insulated tiled conservatory roof your conservatory becomes fully functional throughout the year.

A tiled conservatory roof conversion can be performed to any size and shape conservatory roof. The installation process can be quickly and efficiently, meaning minimum disruption.

ECO Secondary Glazing are here to help provide advice and useful information about the whole conservatory planning permission process. Feel free to contact our advice department.

No matter the type of conservatory you have a conservatory roof replacement can be the right step in making the most of your property and space. They are built to maximum thermal standards

Don’t delay call us about your conservatory roof replacement! ECO Secondary Glazing are proud of our product and quick service.


  • Colours
  • Styles
  • Brown tile
  • Terracotta tile
  • Grey tile
  • Black tile


Energy efficient

After your conservatory roof conversion you will be able to use your conservatory all year round cool in the summer and warm in the winter your new tiled conservatory roof will change how you use your home

No planning permission

We know what a pain conservatory planning permission can be but that is why in most case ECO Secondary Glazing conservatory roof replacements will not need permission

Value increasing

A conservatory roof conversion could potentially add value to your home


ECO Secondary Glazing with correct building control may be able to remove the wall between the house and the conservatory meaning the possibility of an exciting extension.

Creating space

Gain much needed space and have a room in your house you can use all year round. No longer just a storage cupboard in the winter months now it can be a feature and the heart of a happy home.

Project managed

We manage the entire project from start to finish from discussing your needs, carrying out surveys and working out the most economical solution for you.

Conservatory planning permission

If you’re looking to change your modern conservatory’s existing roof, then you may need to consider applying for conservatory planning permission.

Some conservatory roof conversions are exempt from planning permission, but changes to building regulations means converting to a tiled conservatory may not need planning permission at all!

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