Secondary Glazing

Second glazing for Listed Building windows

ECO Secondary Glazing has its own purpose-built and equipped workshop at our premises in Station Way, Buckhurst Hill. ECO Secondary Glazing have been fabricating double glazing for listed buildings and sash secondary glazing for many years. Our experience dates back to 1978.

Our unique low-profile second glazing system has been designed to blend in with period windows and listed building windows.

ECO Secondary Glazing has worked solely with secondary glazing for soundproof windows (acoustic glass) and thermal insulation in many listed buildings. We also manufacture draught proofing windows and sash secondary glazing.

Our terms are:

  1. Installation lead time:
    4 – 5 weeks.
    Please note that this lead time is indicative only and can be changed at any time by ECO Secondary Glazing. ECO Secondary Glazing will keep you informed of any changes to the lead time as soon as possible.
  2. Guarantee:
    12 year guarantee for workmanship and materials supplied and fitted.

For Trade customers detailed technical specifications of our products are available on request from our specialist secondary glazing manager.